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I am seeking a senior position that uses and challenges my experience with internet related technologies, and design.


[ reverse Chronological Order ]

Oct 2012 to present

- Senior Web Designer
    In 2012, I put my resume out to the public with the purpose of finding a job within a team environment. I needed a change from wearing all the hats that a small businessman wears, and wanted to get back to focusing more on the roots of my career interest, which is internet and design. I was hired by Communication Logistics, Inc. (CLI), in Plover, WI, as Senior Web Designer. At CLI, I work on everything from HTML email designs to highly successful eCommerce storefronts. Along with daily work in Adobe's Creative, this job includes the use of contemporary techniques, such as Responsive Design, HTML5, and CSS3 (For different user agents such as smart phones and tablets). CLI has also given me the opportunity to work within a company based on the .NET Framework (C3 / ASP.NET). Because I worked mostly in the linux and mac platforms, this is an area that I did not have a lot of experience with prior to working at CLI.

2003 to October 2012

- Euca Design Center - Owner
    With a new interest in web design and ecommerce, I founded Euca Design Center (EDC). EDC is now in it's 11th year of operation in Wisconsin, USA. It is a web applications business owned and operated by myself. Through managing EDC, I have worked on hundreds of websites and have gained a wide base of knowledge and experience around design and web technologies. EDC has serviced many types of projects, but much of the work has been related to ecommerce websites. Although EDC uses many tools, one of the main tools is WebDNA, which is a server-side scripting language, originally designed for taking mail order catalogs to the world wide web. This was the first scripting language that I worked with and used to build my first ecommerce (shopping cart) site. Perhaps an interesting point is that after 15 years of developing in the language, I am currently president and a director for the company who now owns WebDNA.

WebDNA Software Corp. - president

[ Current Owners of WebDNA ]
    In 2007, while operating EDC, I spawned an idea to unite other developers in an effort to acquire the intellectual property rights for the server-side programming language, WebDNA. WebDNA is a web-focused database and scripting language that has been around since the dawn of the internet. Though I work comfortably in PHP as well, I have a reserved place in my heart for this language. It was my first web-focused programming language and it was the language I built my first commerce site in. The effort to acquire the intellectual property was successful in 2008. From there, I took on the role of VP with specific responsibilities of leading the software development team. In 2012, I was elected president of the company by the shareholders, and remain as such today. My role today is primarily one of protecting the decisions made for the company. It is not a paying job.

1996 to 2003

- Career Start
    My professional career began after attaining an associates degree in graphic design from Collins College in 1992. Starting in 1994, I worked as a digital artwork technician for several years at two print companies in Omaha, NE. At the second company, Epsen Hillmer Graphics Co. (, I earned the title "Director of I.T., Creative Services Department".

    As Director of IT, I managed 10+ mac workstations (and associated software) and a handful of servers (linux, solaris, and windows), as well as had the responsibility to build and maintain the company websites. EHG game me my real-world introduction to Web Applications building, web design, and server-side programming.


[ Projects of NOTE ]


(please ask for examples)

        I began my career as a designer, which was a natural extension of my interest in art. I believe I have nurtured a unique and rare marriage between design and functionality (art and technology). This marriage works well for me when developing with newer design techniques, such as "Responsive Design" (serving a single code-base to all types of web clients, such as; tablets, smart phones, and PC's). If I had to choose between the two, I probably enjoy design more than building the logic of web apps.

        I can provide examples of design upon request.


Server-Side Programming

(ask for examples)
        I have worked in a variety of settings, from being the sole programmer to being a programmer working with within a team of people. I have personally built many types of Web Applications, usually derived from client needs or marketing department needs. These "Web Apps" include call center portals, online operating procedure systems (SOP's), shopping carts, shipping API's, invoicing systems, fulfillment systems, SEO features, eCommerce sites, political donation sites, reservations systems, and more.

        With my role within WebDNA Software Corporation, I managed a team of 4 in the build of WebDNA 6.2, (buildname: CICADA). Cicada was written in C++ and connected to Apache via Apache's Dynamic Shared Object API. CICADA was the first WebDNA version with robust 64bit architecture options. We also built a Windows Server 2008 build of WebDNA. I personally created Cicada's Administration interface as well as the entire online licensing and distribution system, and licensing management tools.


Al Collins Graphic Design School

- tempe, AZ. (from '92-'93)
        degree: Associate of Art in Graphic Design.
        ** now called: Collins College **


Scottsdale Community College

- Scottsdale, AZ. (from '90-'92)
        degree: none
        Focus on "C" programming language.


University of Nebraska at Kearney

- Kearney, Nebraska (1990)
        degree: none
        Focus on Art and Glass Blowing


Hastings College

- Hastings, Nebraska ('88-'90)
        degree: none
        Focus on traditional Art, Music and Computer Programming.


    * Languages: WebDNA, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS/3, HTML/5, XML, some C# etc.
    * Graphics: Adobe CSx
    * Platforms: Linux, Mac and some Windows.
    * Frameworks and other: jQuery, WordPress, Magento, PHPMyAdmin, webmin, .NET
    * Other: Apache WebServer config, linux server administration, Parallels, VMware


    I balance my work life with various active hobbies, such as Art Glass, Music, Mountain Biking, and Motorcycle rides. Traditional glassblowing has been a hobby since my first class at Hastings College. From 2005 to 2008, I operated my own fully equipped glass blowing studio.


    DOB: 05/07/70
    Sex: Male
    Nationality: American


    Donovan Brooke
    3010 Revere Rd.
    Plover, WI 54467

    Phone: (608) 770-3822